Mouth Breathers Cover Train In Paint.

The best example of train graffiti we've ever come across.

Here’s a video which was shot somewhere in Germany of a group of balaclava wearing graffiti artists covering an entire train with paint and getting away with it. Street art? We’ve seen crayon pictures by eight year-olds with more artistic flare. We can’t quite figure out why the train driver didn’t just override the emergency alarm/brake to pull away from the station, or why they were allowed to continue with their vandalism for so long without interruption.

Apparently this ‘process’ is called’ train bombing’, (unfortunate), or ‘back jumping’. The video below was taken in Russia and although their effort is slightly better and they can actually spell, they also physically abuse the train driver who tries to interrupt their art to chase them off during their second attempt.

But it’s not all about jobless wasters with an intent to destroy and deface public facilities at the taxpayers expense. The Cleaning Unit are a group of mysterious kids who run around the rail stations of London cleaning trains with wet wipes and windolene. Bless.

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