Manly Feeling Prof Calls For Assassangation!

I'm feeling manly today. Look at how manly I feel. Look at it!

Here’s footage of a Canadian news programme recorded yesterday which shows Prof Tom Flanagan,  ex-senior advisor and strategist to the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper calling for the assassination of Wikileaks director Julian Assange.  Flanagan, a professor of political science, suggests that president Obama should take a contract out on Assange and have a drone kill him. Flanagan, who’s political leanings are well known in Canada as being decidedly conservative, is now being accused of announcing the first  televised “fatwa” since  the late Ayatollah Khomeini declared one against British writer Salman Rushdie in February 1989.

N.B. Here’s a little nugget of future advice from the crew of HMS Friday to all these overweight, over privileged, rich, powerful men in suits who seem to have collectively managed to frantically tangle up their panties in a tight sweaty bunch over these Wikileak documents. If you don’t really want people to know what you think, said or did, don’t leave a trace. (Cue generic catchphrase from a meerkat with a Russian accent).

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