That Pot Noodle Advert

There’s a ton of  references throughout this animated advert for Pot Noodle and their new festive flavour Pot Noeldle, (roast turkey and stuffing), concerning British subculture and famous past Christmas advertising campaigns by other companies. We’re not about to start pointing them out to you, simply because it’s Friday and we’ve tied up for the day and are now off to the pub. But you will need to watch it a few times to catch them all.

If anyone cares here are the lyrics to the advert. Is this just a simple bit of harmless fun or are they having a go at the market that they inadvertently cater for?

“Guess who’s here bringing you festive cheer?

The Noodle Man Is driving his crap old van, turkey bits and trimmings too good to miss.

Better get the kettles on quick and now our kettle’s overflowing with joy “Pot Noeldle” they sing (Peel back the foil).

Even the shiny lid that’s supplied is good tree bling. Come and take your seat to eat and breathe in deep that mulled

wine sachet sauce. In every land around the world everybody knows It’s Pot Noeldle time of course!

Love from Pot Noodle”

*Ok, here’s one. Jeremy Kyle is on the TV in the background in the family’s house.

The Jeremy Kyle Show - still shit even in animated form.

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