Slash To Make Horror Movies.

Guitarist Slash, he of the hair and hat, is putting down the old stratocaster to start up a horror film production company ingeniously entitled Slasher Films. Apparently the man announced this exciting career change at the Sundance Film Festival explaining that he is stepping into the world of movies to make and produce horror flicks for true fans of the genre, who are crying out for character driven and intelligent films rather than the torture porn they’ve been served up recently.

Not one to rest on his laurels top hat Slash has cherry picked four scripts which his company are preparing to work on, Nothing To Fear a demon story about a small town in Kansas which Internet lore describes as being a gateway to hell, Theorem a film about a maths whizz kid who figures out the equation for evil, Wake The Dead where a young college student discovers a process where he reanimate the dead and The Other Kingdom which is being described as your usual ho hum run of the mill zombie apocalypse movie.

Is it just us or are all four of these proposed movies exactly the kind of trash which low budget horror production companies churned out in the late 80s?

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