The HMS Friday Buck Stops Where Experiment.

So we’ve decided to try out an experiment solely based on the values of trust and honesty and it really couldn’t be simpler. We’ve taken a crisp £10 note from the overflowing chest in our ship’s hold and we’ve passed it on to someone we believe is honest and trustworthy. Why the hell would we go and do something like that? Well, we don’t want the person to keep and spend the money we want them to pass it on to someone they also trust and so on and so on.

The aim of this experiment is to see exactly how far our £10 note can travel without being used, but we also want to find out how long a solid chain of trust can continue so to ensure that we can keep track of it’s progress we’ve taken a picture of the person we’ve passed it onto and we want you, (if the £10 note happens to come into your possession), to do the same. That way if the note is used we have a picture and a record of where ‘the buck stopped’ and who the dastardly, dishonest and wholly untrustworthy person is.

So to recap, here are the rules:

1) Give our £10 note, when/if it comes into your possession, to somebody you can trust. Explain to them what this experiment is about.

2) Take a picture or video of that person with the £10 note .

3. Email us the pic or vid to along with their name and current location, plus details of their website or business or band or any of their social network addresses they’d like to mention.

4. Check HMS Friday for details on the progress of our beloved £10 note. Who knows it might end up back in our possession.

Our deliberate out of focus close up of the experimental £10.

Don’t worry we’ve penned, (in our very own horrific brand of handwriting above), an abbreviated version of these rules on the back of the £10 note, (which may actually be a tiny bit illegal), which also serves as solid proof that it’s the original note that left our possession. So it is with a heavy heart and the desperate prospect of a week without jaffa cakes that we pass our note onto the first link in what we hope is a very long and trustworthy chain.

The first link in the chain.

We’ve passed our £10 onto Lauren Carson from Argyll. Your move Lauren. No pressure whatsoever.

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