Crime Of The Century

A customer at a nightclub in Boston is suspected of dealing drugs on the premises. Asked to escort two bouncers to a back room for questioning the man gladly complies. He proceeds to empty his pockets and protests his innocence as he proves to both bouncers he has no drugs in his possession.

When you kidnap somebody, hold them against their will, assualt them and then steal their money maybe, just maybe the best thing to do is not to have your friend film the entire sordid affair so that he can go and post it up on You Tube for everyone to see…including the police.

WORCESTER, Mass. — Worcester Police said they received tips Thursday that a nightclub bouncer assaulted and robbed a man in the club’s bathroom.
Police said a video of the incident was posted online by another bouncer who was filming the assault as it happened at the Platinum Premier Club located at 241 Southbridge St.Officers said the video showed the bouncer punching the victim in the face about four times, and taking money from his wallet.”I know that something happened in my building, but I have to talk to the police,” said club manager Alberto Rodriguez. “I really would like to talk more about it, but I can’t.”
Detectives said the 25-year-old victim was a Worcester resident. Police said the victim told them that the attack happened on May 25. The victim said he didn’t report the incident because he was afraid the bouncers will come after him.Police said they found that the bouncer, 35-year-old Easton Byfield, of Oxford, filed a report on May 25 stating that the victim assaulted him.Detectives said they arrested Byfield last Friday and charged him with assault and battery, kidnapping, unarmed robbery and filing a false police report.

One thought on “Crime Of The Century

  1. they don’t want anyboddy to come and sell drogs in their porto rican establishment.
    they offer their own drogs to patrons.
    gang own bussiness


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