L.A. Noire Has A Star Studded Cast Of Whatstheirnames.

Right we’ve danced the Hempen jig enough over Rockstar’s latest game La Noire but in their very latest trailer for the 1940s themed, sandbox detective game, entitled Investigation & Interrogation, we couldn’t help but notice a few familiar faces.

The technology used to realistically recreate the faces of those actors and actresses used in the game is known as MotionScan, a new system for 3D motion capture, and as you can see from the video above the results are breathtaking. Long gone are the days of trying to figure out the actor who voices your favourite in-game character as you can easily determine who it is from their almost identical CGI doppelgangers.

Michael Gladis who plays Paul Kinsey in the hit series of Mad Men and apparently appeared in that Liam Nesson and Harrison Ford submarine Russkie flick K-19 The Widowmaker.

Greg Grunberg the cop from Heroes.

Brain Krause who played Leo Wyatt in Charmed and also popped up in an episode of Mad Men.

Patrick Fischler who played obnoxious comedian Jimmey Barret in Mad Men, Phil in Lost and Detective Kenny ‘no-gun’ in Southland

We’re going out on a limb with this one but we’re pretty sure that’s Courtney Gains, famous for his role as Hans Klopek in The Burbs and Sgt Eugene McVey in Memphis Belle.

Did you spot any more?

20 thoughts on “L.A. Noire Has A Star Studded Cast Of Whatstheirnames.

  1. Carla Gallo was Bishops wife on L.A. Noire.  She is best known for her roles as Daisy on Californication (Runkle’s porn-star girlfriend), Libby on HBO’s Carnivale, and Daisy on Bones.


  2. Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell in Mad Men) and Julie McNiven (also from Mad Men, as well as Supernatural) were both in the game as well.


  3. Keith Szarabajka, whom you may remember as Holtz from “Angel”, and more recently Deputy Commissioner Doherty on “Cold Case”, can be heard, with his distinctively gravelly voice at the start.

    Michael B. Silver (ADA Leo Cohen on “NYPD Blue”) steps over to the dark side of the law at a jeweler suspected of murder.


  4. The most random one ever: When you’re still a traffic cop Bob Clendenin has a cameo as the random drunk guy who yells out something to you as you walk into a bar. You don’t even get to question him he’s just milling around.


  5. When you are on one of the Random “street crimes” you go to a store where there is a man inside. He looks out and shoots a cop in the head… He runs out and you chase him. I can’t remember exactly what he says but it is definitely the voice of “Jesse” from Breaking Bad. Almost positive


  6. the guy crooked older man who played the suburban development kingpin is denethor in Lord of the Rings and Walter Bishop in Fox’s Fringe…


  7. Courtney Gains was in Wing Commander III (a PC game, later made available on PS1), and also in Back to the Future. Also worth mentioning. 🙂


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