Casey’s Had Enough…Stand Well Back!

UPDATE: If for some reason the video doesn’t play above that’s because YouTube have gone all soft and tree huggy about it’s suppossed ‘graphic’ content and keep pulling it. Excellent website Deadspin have the entire clip plus an interesting update on what has happened to both kids since this video went viral less than 24hrs ago. For the clip and more info chart a course for HERE.

Not much is known about this video which was kindly sent to us by our good friend Grahame Gallacher, (check out his excellent gaming blog Past The Pixels), but what has been confirmed is that the large kid, who is soon to become an Internet legend, is called Casey and Casey has had enough.

Apparently the big fella has been bullied at his school for a very long time and thank God some little shit was there to film the day he finally snapped. According to the video’s description Casey has now been suspended, that’s right the kid who defended himself ends up punished. Makes perfect sense. But on the up side he’s went from school zero to hero in a matter of a few seconds.You just know he has a poster of WWE’s Big Show in his bedroom.

The little shit in the shorts is about to learn a very important life lesson.

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