Neeson To Star In Taken 2.

The man with the husky, firm yet polite telephone manner who relishes the opportunity to tell you he has a very important set of skills is set to return to the big screen.

Yes, Liam Neeson is to reprise his role as personal security consultant and loving father Bryan Mills. Empire magazine are reporting that the Irish actor has managed to come to an agreement with producer Luc Besson to crack yet more Eastern European skulls.


A slight down side is that Olivier Megaton, *(stands up out of chair and salutes that name)* has been handed directorial duties, the man responsible for Transporter 3. Oh shit sticks!

There has been no confirmation of the plot of the sequel but rumour has it that a group of  gangsters break-in to Bryan’s home and steal his beloved pair of exotic birds. The gang fly the pair back to Europe where they are forced to enter the shady world of illegal bird fighting. Incensed that his pets have been taken from him Bryan goes on the war path. It’s to be called Taken 2 Toucans.

We are very sorry.


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