Begad! The Veteran Trailer.

Here’s yet another trailer for yet another movie set in South London with gangsters and pit bulls about yet another man who has a particular set of skills who is pushed to the limit after returning from the war zone to shockingly discover the real war is being raged on the streets. Word!

Jesus is this the 1980s? Seems like every other week a trailer for a film which could easily star Steven Segal, Jean Claude Van Damme or even Cynthia Rothrock is churned out…Oh Cynthia how we miss your bulletproof body and  stone washed denims.

The Veteran stars the ever watchable Toby Kebbell, (Dead Man’s Shoes, Rock N’ Rolla), and the legendary Brian Cox (every other movie), which tells the story of a returning British paratrooper from Afghanistan who goes all broody and vigilante-like on civvy street, as he tries to bring down a dangerous local drug gang who may or may not have ties to terrorism.

We especially like the bit in the trailer where Kebbell’s character is referred to by another as “the real life Call Of Duty“. Just in case any yoofs out there done gone and got lost over what this dude is all about.

The Veteran is released in cinemas in the UK on April 29th.


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