I Am Legend Could Have Been So Much Better.

Well this is disappointing. Being fans of the original book by Richard Matheson the film adaption starring Will Smith, released in 2007 wasn’t, in our humble opinion at least, the worst film ever made. It was certainly engaging enough throughout it’s first hour and the scene with his dog…well…*clears throat and opens a window*.

But the film pretty much came apart when the UV allergic zombie hybrid vampires showed up in all there shitty CGI glory, which makes this test footage video of the aborted version of the originally intended look of the vampires, all the more tragic.

As you can see Hollywood continues to ignore the fact that real actors with first class make-up are a hell of a lot scarier and realistic than computer generated characters. (via Slash Film)

One thought on “I Am Legend Could Have Been So Much Better.

  1. balls that would i have been a lot better, i heard johnny depp was originally supposed to be played the vampire will smiths character worked with in the book, the main bad gut as it were


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