Avast! Trailer For Devil’s Double.

Every now and then a film will creep out of left-field, a film which hardly anyone is aware of, a film of which very little  is known and surprise us all. That film this year looks to be The Devil’s Double starring Blighty’s very own Dominic Cooper, (The History Boys, The Escapist).

Filmed in Malta and based on a true story about the life of Iraqi Latif Yahia who was abducted in 1987 and forced to become the body double, (fiday), for Saddam Hussein’s son Uday. Latif did not agree with Saddam’s brutal regime and therefore found himself at odds with his new occupation, a job he was finally forced to take after being tortured for a week.

The book,  like the film, explores in graphic detail just how insane and callously violent Saddam and his family were during their years of reign and as the film is directed by Lee Tamahori, (Once Were Warriors, Die Another Day), it looks like it may be more than just a decent watch.

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