Bin Laden Is Being Raped By Pigs In Hell.

Above is the bizarre and OTT animated version of events surrounding the death of Osama Bin Laden by a US Navy Seals team in Pakistan, according to Taiwanese news website Next Media Animation.

As you can see Osama was riddled with bullets and rocket launchers before American soldiers pulled out their ray guns and then their pee-pees.

2 thoughts on “Bin Laden Is Being Raped By Pigs In Hell.

  1. Osama was a major pig during his life, kiling muslim, christians, jews and anyone else that didn’t think the way of his fucked up destored religion. He didn’t beleive in the Koran, he had his own ideas that made a joke of his base. In the end what did he do, push his wife infront of himself so the seals couldn’t shoot him. How brave he was. He only stayed in hiding most of his life and let other muslims get killed for his warped ideas which he called the koran. Muslims are smarted than that , so I thought. When are these morons going to grow a brain and do what is really in their heart. God will judge you idiots, and when you do not repent, you will all go to hell for sure.


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