The Sun Is Getting All Kinds Of Scary.

Like something out of a Hollywood disaster movie worried scientific researchers across the globe are frantically firing e-mails off to each other to try to find out what is going on with the sun. Apparently our life giving star is emitting a strange and mysterious force which could have the power to mutate matter.

Simply put the boffins in white lab coats don’t have a Scooby Doo why the sun is leaking a mysterious force which they claim could not only speed up time but also mutate mankind itself. Here comes the science bit:

Worst of all, if the decay rates of matter are being mutated then all matter on Earth is being affected including the matter that makes up life. The mutation may go so far as to change the underlying reality of the quantum universe—and by extrapolation-the nature of life, the principles of physics, perhaps even the uniform flow of time.In fact, some evidence of time dilation has been gleaned from close observation of the decay rate. If particles interacting with the matter are not the cause—and matter is being affected by a new force of nature-then time itself may be speeding up and there’s no way to stop it.

The scariest aspect of this story is that there is and will be nothing we can do about this issue…well at least work days will fly by. For more on this trouser filling story chart a course for HERE.

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