Lunch From Graze.Com

Our lunch consisting of oven roasted cashew nuts, rice and peanut cracker mix, belgian dark chocolate, cranberries and pumpkin seeds and dark chocolate apricots, jumbo raisins and green raisins

At sea there’s very little else to survive on than fish and rum, (and the odd bow legged wench), so imagine our delight when the postman rowed up to our vessel and delivered us a box full of of nutrious items for lunch. is an online company who specilaise in providing healthy, delicious food straight through your letterbox. Apart from the fact that their range of edible products seems never ending, it’s their packaging which impressed us the most.

Your meal comes in a scctioned  biodegradable cardborad box consisiting of four compartments which house four different selected food stuffs straight from the Graze kitchen. Along with a handy napkin you also get two booklets, one explaining the nutrional values of each of your chosen foods, while the other is filled with facts and tips on how to best use their service.

On the website’s About Us section they have posted the following:

“Graze was started by 7 friends who all share a passion for food.

When we found we couldn’t eat the food we loved at work, we asked around and realised there were loads of people just like us.

So we decided to stop playing off-peak foodies and go full time. We took the plunge, gave up our jobs and built the graze kitchen.

We now spend all our time sourcing the foods we love and finding even better ways to get them to you.

We hope you enjoy your graze boxes as much as we do.

Well we loved our graze box and we can definitely recommend the oven roasted cashew nuts and the Lost Army Chinese cracker mix, which went down a treat with our jug of 100% proof rum. Want to order a box or nknow more about their service? The chart a course for HERE.

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