Avast! Trailer For Indie Flick Bellflower.

Buzz for this movie originally generated a few months ago due to a teaser trailer which solely featured the positively evil looking post-apocalyptic car called ‘Medusa’, which is also featured in the official trailer above.

Starring Evan Glodell, (who also directed the film), Bellflower tells the story of two friends who focus only on building and constructing weapons of mass destruction in the hope that a global apocalypse will pave the way for their imaginary cult – Mother Medusa.

Looks very much like another film examining the rise in man-children and their constant search for belonging in a society which traditional values of men and being a man have been all but eradicated, coupled together with a…look at that f@cking car! It’s got flames coming out of it’s arse.

*claps hands together and makes a high pitched hysterical sounding scream*



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