Avast! Trailer For Killer Elite.

There are three hilarious elements contained within this trailer: 1. The film claims it’s based on a true story. 2. Jason Statham somehow manages to ratchet up his husky Stathamness to heady new heights. 3. It has an orchestral version of Rock You Like A Hurricane by The Scorpions…no, seriously it does.

All that said Killer Elite does look like it may be worth a watch especially with Clive Owen included in the cast, complete with a broad range of character dialogue: ‘this guy is good‘, ‘this ends today‘, and the ever popular, ‘the gloves are off!’

As it purports in the trailer Killer Elite is based on a true story called The Feather Men which was written by Sir Ranulph Fiennes. The film’s synopsis reads:

When his mentor (De Niro) is taken captive, a retired member of Britain’s Elite Special Service (Statham) is forced into action. His mission: kill the three assassins just dispatched by their cunning leader (Owen).

Whereas the book’s synopsis reads:

This is the extraordinary story of a group of Englishmen who provide protection and rough justice for former members and their families of the SAS (Special Air Service). The group, known as the Feather Men because of their light touch, learned of a pattern of assassination of former SAS soldiers and attempted to avert further murders. The story is told from the point of view of both the Feather Men and the Clinic, an independent organization of contract killers. The narrative relates the chilling details of each execution, as well as the secret meetings, bloody guerrilla battles, and gradual discovery of the identity and purpose of the Clinic.

Exactly the same. Excellent work Hollywood.

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