Contender For Best Wipeout Of 2011.

Every now and then you’ll read or hear about a story involving an individual who was either paralysed for life or left horrifically scarred doing a relatively simple mundane task like changing a light-bulb, jumping off a trampoline or running for a bus.

These stories send a shiver up your spine because you think about how that could so easily happen to you. We don’t get those shivers. We only get those shivers when we think back to all the craziness and downright insanity that filled our childhoods, the dangerous risks we took, the scant regard we had for safety and the scrapes we often got ourselves into.

It’s a miracle we made it through our youth in one piece and videos, like the one above, serve as a reminder of those times…and that’s when the shivers begin.

(via I Heart Chaos)

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