Police Chief: ‘Patrol Your Own Streets.’

The cutbacks in British policing are really beginning to show.

In an interview with MSN recently police chief Richard Compton explained that members of the public should form ‘street watch’ groups to patrol local areas and report crime, which according to Mr Compton is set to reach dizzying high levels due to the recession.

In the interview he said:

‘Increasingly through a range of different community schemes, Neighbourhood Watch and the like, you see groups of people in communities patrolling their own areas in a sort of Street Watch-type scenario. That’s something that as a service nationally we become increasingly interested in…That’s not people going around as vigilantes; that’s not interfering in “real” crime and what have you; but it is people walking their own streets, walking their own communities. And if they see something they are unhappy about, telling the appropriate authorities whether it’s us or whether it’s the housing associations.’

But Mr Compton how can we get hold of you and your colleagues to report crime when you’re always on the phone selling information to News International journalists?…Too soon?

For the full article and interview chart a course for HERE.

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