Avast! Trailer For The Darkest Hour.

Isn’t it just a pain in the arse when you travel to a funky foreign country to meet some unbelievably attractive people in an nightclub and then an alien race decides to invade earth leaving you and your gorgeous companions to fight for the planet’s survival? F@cking hate when that happens. God!

That’s pretty much the premise for yet another alien invasion movie called The Darkest Hour starring Emile Hirsch, but with a few slight variations. The movie is set in Moscow, the aliens are invisible and are nothing more than strands of electric energy and they’ve come to earth to suck up all of our energy, laying waste to anyone who stands in their way…except for good looking people.

You see this is exactly the kind of thing that will happen if you don’t recycle your pizza boxes or buy that fair-trade coffee. God!

By adapting their Dyson Hoovers they managed to survive.

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