Russian Boxer Punches Siberian Yeti.

This has all the elements of a traditional story from a ‘Boy’s Own‘ annual.

It was announced this week that former WBA Heavyweight World Champion Nikolai Valuev had traveled to Siberia to try to find an infamous Yeti in the region of Tashtagol. Over the years there have been various reports of Yeti’s in Siberia, eye witness accounts and even the discovery of what appeared to be a Yeti’s limb back in 2003.

And now it turns out that the 7ft tall boxer dubbed ‘The beast from the East‘, not only found a Yeti he also chased after it and bitch-slapped the hairy sasquatch. On various wesbites he’s quoted as saying:

‘…the beast just took my punch and… ran off. At least, I know  he is real.  I’ve punched him.  That’s real.”

The video above is from a Russian news programme which reported the story yesterday, although the entire piece is in Russian they included footage of the Yeti which you can see at the 0.57 mark.

So far there has been no official confirmation that the Yeti actually shouted something in Russian at Valuev before running off into the woods, which translated sounded like:

‘Oh, it’s on mutha fucka! It’s on like fuckin’ Donkey Kong!’

Take that you Bigfoot bastard!

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