Avast! Trailer For The Grey.

Liam Neeson has punched, kicked and headbutted pretty much anything that moved throughout his Hollywood career but his new movie The Grey presents him with a new opponent…wolves.

Directed by Joe Carnahan, (The A Team, Narc), this movie tells the story of a group of pipeline workers who survive a plane crash in the Alaskan wilderness only to be pursued by a pack of vicious, blood thirsty wolves. So basically they’ve taken the story of the 1997 David Mamet film The Edge and replaced the bear with wolves.

Also Hollywood, go fuck yourself! This film cements all the outrageous and incorrect stereotypes about wolves at a time when that fanny politician Sarah Palin has been calling for a bill to legalise the aerial hunting of wolves throughout Alaska. We realise that Liam Neeson has fashioned a pair of knuckle dusters out of broken miniature bottles which looks cool in the trailer, but we’re siding with the wolves.

Mon you big, hairy bitey bastards, intae these pipeline working scumbags!

Cocaine - one helluva drug!

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