This Is How Your New Facebook Profile Will Look.

If like every other moany, whiny bitch out there you too have been behaving like a 60 year old housewife over the new changes to Facebook this week, then get ready to set your phasers to ‘manic meltdown’, because a whole load more are on the way.

At the F8 conference this week Facebook head honcho Mark Zuckerberg unveiled exactly how your profile will look and boy will it be different. Just like your mum rearranging your beloved bedroom when you’re at school, blissfully unaware of the drastic overhaul taking place these profile modifications are set to be implemented over the next couple of months and there isn’t anything you can do about it. Suck on that Mrs Doubtfire!

The most obvious change to your Facebook profile will be the lovely large header picture, (much like a Tumblr blog), which we think looks gorgeous. The biggest implementation comes in the form of a service called Timeline which Facebook chiefs are selling as a tool to contain and compartmentalise your life on the social network a place to file all of your stories, apps which will also serve as a new platform to express yourself…by expressing yourself we mean you’ll still be able to tell all your faceless friends that you are running a bath/going on holiday/making a sandwich/or have just farted.

Website Techcrunch have all the sciencey bits, so chart a course for THERE. In the mean time may we wish you all the very best with your completely unfounded and exaggerated nervous breakdown over a website which is completely free.


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