Veracruz May Have A Dead Body Problem!

Veracruz authorities make the grisly discovery of 35 bodies under a motorway overpass.

For the sharp eyed of you who noticed, of which there will be very few considering the lack of news coverage the story was given, two weeks ago 35 mutilated bodies were dumped on a Mexican motorway in broad daylight.

The incident happened in the Mexican city of Veracruz which is currently in the grip of a violent and bloody drug cartel war. But the death toll has risen considerably following the discovery of 32 cadavers in two houses last week and ten more, (seven in the back of a pickup truck and three in a nearby neighbourhood street), on Friday bringing the death toll to 77 in just under a month.

Authorities believe the killings are the work of a gang called the Zeta Killers and have detained eight members for questioning:

‘Officials said those detained also belonged to the ‘New Generation’ drug gang, which is believed to be linked to rivals of the Zetas, including Mexico’s powerful Sinaloa drug cartel led by billionaire fugitive Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman. Set up in the 1990s by ex-elite soldiers turned hired killers for the Gulf gang, the Zetas have been blamed for an upsurge in violence this year in Veracruz, including the killings of three marines.The death toll in Mexico’s drug wars for the first nine months of this year alone hit 10,000…’

(via AFP)

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