Avast! Red Band Trailer For American Reunion.

(WARNING: This trailer is not safe for work.)

Not so much a trailer as a teaser for the forthcoming, (pppffffftttttt we said ‘coming‘), and for what we pray to the great big f@cking maker in the sky is the very last, installment of the American Pie movie franchise which started, would you believe, 12 years ago!

*Thinks back over life’s achievements in that time. Failure tears well up in eyes*

Yes, it stars the entire cast from the 1999 original, (even Stifler’s mum is back), giving everyone involved one last desperate attempt to clear their over inflated Hollywood mortgages.

But what of the storyline? Quite simple really, Jim and his band camp bint are now married and have spawn. But Jim is still wanking into socks. Bless.

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