Saints Row’s Website Doesn’t Recognise The UK

We hopped on the official website for the soon to be released sandbox game Saints Row: The Third this afternoon, to create our very own in game character but were disappointed to find that the United Kingdom has vanished as a country of origin.

The Initiation Station allows gamers to customise their very own game characters which can be used during the Beta launch of the game, (we were going for a Scottish pirate look, kilt, eye-patch and no underpants), but during the sign-up process for the site only England is recognised as the sole UK country of origin. Don’t misinterpret our point here, (even though we are Scottish), it’s not England’s fault but this oversight on the developer’s part can only really be because:

1. The American game developers have never used a map.


2. They were too lazy to write out the words ‘United Kingdom’.

Come on THQ think how difficult it must be for all your Scottish, Welsh and Irish fans to relinquish their patriotism and succumb to clicking on ‘England‘ as their country of origin.

*puts down claymore, takes off kilt and washes blue war paint from face*

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