Frozen Planet – Killer Whale Wave Washing.

In case you missed it last night BBC One’s nature documentary series Frozen Planet, narrated by David Attenborough, astounded viewers with some amazing footage.

One of the high points, (or low points if you’re a vegetarian), was the segment on the pod of Killer Whales hunting seals. The techniques employed by these mammals are far more sophisticated than any other predator on the planet, from wave washing their prey into the water, to tipping and manoeuvring ice flows to dislodge seals.

The finale to all of this feels reminiscent of a scene from a horror movie as their prey, now completely exhausted, is slowly, almost gently, dragged into the freezing cold water, disappearing  in a fizz of of claret coloured bubbles.

Aye! Where’s your Sam Quint now? Eh?


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