X Factor Girl Group Rhythmix Forced To Change Name.

Following a heavily supported Facebook campaign, girl group Rhythmix are to change their name after an open letter to Simon Cowell from the chief executive of a children’s music charity was published online.

Pop culture website Holy Moly are reporting that Mark Davyd from charity Rhythmix, (see where this is going), appealed to the Wizard of Oz himself to change the band’s name by claiming that having a girl group under the same moniker would confuse people and undermine the work the charity has been doing for the last 12 years. As fake gold chains were clutched in shock across Britain, Mark stated in his letter:

“Rhythmix the charity has worked with over 40,000 young people in the last twelve years. All of that work is placed at risk by the actions of your company. Every legal action the Charity has to take to protect itself from Simco [sic] is a project that won’t happen. A project that could make a difference to a vulnerable young person.”

All is not lost as we’ve come up with a suggestion which would retain the final part of their existing title in a compromise which should limit confusion.

How about ‘Mixcrement‘?…(yes, we wrote this entire post just to crack that solitary gag).

(via Holy Moly)






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