Jo Yeates Murder Case Finally Closed.

See that guy above? Stuart Jeffries, the 66 year-old former school teacher and neighbour/landlord of murder victim Joanna Yeates, who was publicly vilified by the British press, who published his photograph next to headlines like:

“The Strange Mr Jeffries.” “Jo Suspect Is A Peeping Tom!” “Could This Man Hold They Key To Jo’s Murder?”Weird, Posh, Lewd, Creepy

Totally innocent. Even though the tabloid papers completely assassinated his character leading many people in this country, (even a few people we know), to actually believe he may have killed the 25 year-old  from Bristol. Totally. F@cking. Innocent.

See the guy below? The clean shaven, bespectacled, unremarkable looking 33 year-old Dutch engineer, who happened to be addicted to violent sex and pornography and who also frequently hired escort girls during business trips in LA and here in Britain and who casually went shopping to Asda for beer, crisps and rock salt, while Joanna’s body lay in the boot of his car outside? Guilty!

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