Mark Millar Has Amazing Plans For Scotland.

Thank God, (insert other invisible deity here), for Mark Millar, a man whose ambitions and creativity knows no bounds.

The comic book writer from Coatbridge, who’s achievements include working for DC Comics, Marvel and penning Wanted and Kick-Ass graphic novels which were later turned into highly successful Hollywood blockbusters, is now working on a whole new project. He’s just launched his own company Millarworld Productions and plans to centre future projects, (both for the big and small screen), in and around Scotland.

The Scottish Sun is reporting that the 41 year-old has six Hollywood projects on the horizon the first of which is called American Jesus, a movie about Jodie Christianson, a 12 year-old boy  living in Illinois in the 80s who’s hit by a truck and miraculously survives without a scratch. As the story develops the young boy’s mother confesses to him that his birth was a miracle and realising that he may be the reincarnation of Christ the boy flees to Scotland in the hope that the evil forces now hunting for him don’t find him. No word yet on who will star in this production but considering the subject matter it certainly won’t be short of attention. Bring it on West Boro Baptist Church!

One of the more exciting prospects, for us at least, is Millar’s plans to start making interesting and engaging TV, which thankfully won’t involve pretentious panels of fuckwits mulling over the week’s news, or Z-list celebrites documenting their mundane travels in foreign countries. In the interview with The Sun he states:

 “I just want to make TV shows that I actually want to watch. I can’t stand all the low-end reality shows.

“I know a lot of the guys making those programmes and they hate them as much as I do. I just want to do real quality here and that can be high-end documentaries or brand new formats as much as quality dramas like The Sopranos or Mad Men.

American Jesus? Scottish God.

You can read the entire interview HERE.


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