Avast! Trailer For Safe.

Lor’ luv a duck! Get your fackin’ mince pies round this, it’s da Stath in a film called Safe. Bleedin ell?

He was just a man, a simple man with a very bland and nondescript fashion sense, waiting on a train minding his own business when she walked into his life…a 12 year-old girl.

The Stath is Luke Wright, (‘the big apple’s hardest cop, once upon a time’), who inadvertently saves a young girl from a group of cliched looking heavies, only to discover she has the memory banks of Stephen Hawking and knows some sort of code that all the bad guys want, including corrupt cops, but that’s not going to happen, cos the fackin’ Stath is on the case, his knuckles he will chafe to keep her safe from the strafe, because she looks like a waif.

Ere' av some of dis you fackin' nonce!

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