Avast! Trailer For The Iron Lady.

It’s a film about arguably the single most notorious and hated Prime Minister in British political history, Margaret Thatcher.

What can we say about this trailer and the film? Well, actress Meryl Streep looks and sounds pretty much like her and there’s a nice inclusion of that Madness tune and…well…nope, sorry we can’t hide our contempt any longer.

Forget the never ending list of reasons why we absolutely loathe and despise Thatcher, putting aside the usual suspects; the miner’s strike, the Falklands war, the poll tax, the decimation of the shipbuilding industry, millions of unemployed, the 81′ riots, her economic policies which favoured the wealthy or her privatisation strategies against the unions, forget all of those. The one irrefutable reason why we will never look back fondly on this contemptible woman’s political career, (something this film looks quilty of), is because of her ‘special’ relationship with Augusta Pinochet, one of the most evil and murderous dictators in history. You cannot defend, or argue, or justify her actions on this issue. There was and still is no excuse.

Nice Madness tune though.


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