Avast! Trailer For Rampart.

Police based dramas, especially those with corrupt cops, are a guilty pleasure for us.There’s no greater villain than the one with a badge and no morals.

Which is why the trailer above for Woody Harrelson’s new movie Rampart, looks so good. Co-written by revered crime author James Ellroy, (LA Confidential), and set in Los Angeles in the 90s it tells the story of Vietnam veteran and dirty cop Dave Brown, who struggles to balance a home life with two ex-wives to take care of and a job on the streets asserting his own method of policing. But after he’s filmed on tape beating a suspect he quickly becomes embroiled in the Los Angeles Police Department’s infamous Rampart corruption scandal.

Early word is the film is a ‘disaster’, but then they said that about Brooklyn’s Finest and we loved it.

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