Alcatraz TV Series Looks Prisony.

Here’s the very brief trailer for Fox’s new sci-fi drama series Alcatraz ,which execs hope will plug that annoying gap which Lost left behind.

Produced by JJ Abrams and starring Sam Neill, Sarah Jones, Hurley from Lost and reads like an extended episode of Fringe:

 302 men go missing from the prison back in a foggy night in 1963 and for some unknown reason they return to the present day not a single day older. That’s when Hurley, who’s an Alcatraz expert and comic book enthusiast, (really?), is called upon who works with Det. Rebecca Madsen (Sarah Jones) but shadowy government agent Emerson Huaser, (Sam Neill) tries to impede their investigation into the mystery.

Nothing adds to that edge-of-your-seat atmosphere of a mystery drama than having the lead characters root around in a musty basement full of boxed files for clues. Alcatraz is scheduled to air in the UK in January.


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