Jeremy Clarkson Is A Dick.

Don’t act like you didn’t know this already. Last night the most annoying man in Britain dragged his Easter Island head onto the BBC’s One Show to blatantly flog his shitty little DVD which is out just in time for Christmas and when asked for his opinion on yesterday’s union strikes in the UK, (over two million public sector workers took part in the largest national demonstration in the country for 30 years), this is what he had to say:

Bless him and his facisit outlook on life, he’s at an age now where his brain is clouded with fuzz and dust and he’s forgotten that he himself works in the public sector creaming a six figure salary from the British licence fee payer. He’s also forgotten that it was public sector A&E staff who glued his hamster back together in 2006 when he crashed that dragster during the filming of an episode of Top Gear. But the one thing which surprises us all is that the BBC are once again defending this pompous arsehole, this time with the line that he has sometimes ‘outrageous comedic talent‘.


One thought on “Jeremy Clarkson Is A Dick.

  1. I like Top Gear and I tolerate Clarkson but he is a dick.  He makes no bones about his dislike for Americans. That’s ok. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. However he is fat and arrogant, so if he loses the Brit accent …. he’s one of us. But we don’t want him. We have a enough tossers here already. 



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