New Zealand Has Giant Insects.

Not content with gaining the official title of ‘Home of Rugby‘ earlier this year, (albeit by just one point), New Zealand have gone and secured themselves the denomination of  ‘Home of the World’s Largest Insect.’

This amazing picture was taken by adventurer Mark Moffett, a man who National Geographic described as: “the Indiana Jones of Entomology,” after he discovered  the giant Weta up a tree on Little Barrier Island in New Zealand. Apparently Weta’s suffer from Island Gigantism a common side effect for species who are allowed to breed in practical isolation, (which explains why Brooke Shields’ boobies seemed to be growing at an alarming rate throughout the course of The Blue Lagoon…oh the memories) This Weta has now officially been declared the biggest insect in the world which can eat whole carrots and has a wing span of seven inches. Good luck sleeping tonight!

(via The Telegraph, via I Heart Chaos)

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