That Awkward Response On The BBC Facebook Documentary.

Elliot before falling flat on his coupon.

If you managed to watch BBC Two’s documentary hosted by Emily Maitlis on Sunday evening, Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook, you will have watched the VP of Public Policy for Facebook, Elliot Schrage not just stumble over a particularly probing question but fall flat on his face.

Apart from covering a brief history of Facebook and it’s founder Mark Zuckerberg the documentary also explored accusations that the highly popular social media site has now become completely commercialised and is toying around with it’s user’s private information for financial benefit. One aspect of Facebook which we were surprised to learn was the whole ‘sponsored story‘ controversy.

Basically if you like a company or organisation’s page your profile picture can then be used as the leading image in their latest ad campaign and you can’t stop them either. Emily decided to question the ethics behind such a move by Facebook and quizzed VP of Public Policy for Facebook Elliot Schrage. His response was priceless. By the way ‘so let’s pause‘ is company speak for ‘Holy shit the next sentence to come out of my mouth could cost me my job,’ and ‘interesting’ translates to ‘I have no f@cking clue how to answer this question’.

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