2011 – A Boring Year In Film.

As the sun sets on another 12 months the obligatory blog posts looking back over the course of the year in movies are starting to pop up across the Internet.

Here’s a revelation for you. We didn’t really care for 2011’s films. It’s not that we hated everything which was released, in fact we only made the effort to row ashore for five films this year, (Hanna, True GritBridesmaids, The Inbetweeners and Attack The Block), but even they never really set our heather on fire. A lot of the movies just seemed ‘more of the same‘ and no wonder as there were no fewer than 27 sequels, which is the most in a single year.

Just take at look at the picture above and scan through the 10 top grossing films of 2011 a lacklustre collection of boring, worn out formulas and storylines which neither inspire or capture the imagination. A boy wizard, robots, pirates, talking cars, talking birds, drunk people and emo vampires. Maybe it’s just us but 2011 was a very poor year for movies, of course we have yet to see Drive , Animal Kingdom, Kill List or The Guard, which, according to our reliable sources, are worth watching. But for the most part 2011 was a damp squib of a movie year. Here’s a clever video expertly edited together by someone known only as Hatinhand on YouTube, who has painstakingly assembled together a montage of nearly every film released this year and even his skills in the dark arts can’t make this year’s movies look exciting.

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