HMS Friday’s Top Game Of 2011.

Tis that time again when that big ball of fire dips down behind the hill and another year passes.

Let’s keep this brief as there’s drinking to be done today and regrets to be mulled over. It really was a year jam packed with triple A titles and if you enjoy gaming you’d be forgiven for being a little overwhelmed with major release following major release in quick succession. Apart from draining all your funds some of these games turned out to be near masterpieces Batman Arkham City, Uncharted 3 and Portal 2 to name but a few.

However one game stood out from the pack a beautifully crafted, highly detailed and enormous in scope Skyrim floored us when we first unsheathed our Dwarven Axe of Frost Damage and donned our horned helmet and stepped out onto the tundra. A sumptuous gaming experience for anyone with even a fleeting interest in the fantasy genre, although there are reports the game is broken if you play it on the PS3, we’ve logged in a fair few hours and fingers crossed our potion of Resist Major Game Bug seems to be working.

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