South Africa Has A Real Life Tarzan.

The semi naked fellow above is 24 year-old DeWet Du Toit from George in South Africa and he truly believes he is going to be the next Tarzan.

Refusing to live like everyone else in his region Du Toit has remained committed to living just like the Lord of the Jungle, eating berries, riding on the back of an elephant and swinging on vines, just like his demo tape demonstrates.

We once had a real life Tarzan in our local town, only this was back in the 90s. Just like Earl Greystoke he too would sleep with nature, in bushes, hedgerows and other people’s gardens and instead of wearing only a loincloth he could be spotted in a worn-out Parka jacket with pish stained jeans and steel toe capped boots. Instead of wrestling with crocodiles and anacondas he would instead tackle the Polis outside his regular watering hole after dusk. Although he didn’t have an elephant for company he did have a three legged Jack Russell called Archie and just like Tarzan he was no stranger to wiping his arse on a dock leaf.

(via IO9)

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