Avast! Trailer For Mel Gibson’s Get The Gringo.

Yes, your favourite angry, bigoted racist is back and boy is he tooled up with witty one liners and guns.

The trailer above is for Mel Gibson’s latest movie Get The Gringo which should have been retitled Payback 2: Porter Goes South. From what we can gather the film deals with a career criminal who, on the run from American law enforcement, literally crashes over the Mexican border only to be imprisoned in a sweaty, crowded, dangerous jail. But help is at hand in the form of a nine year-old street wise Bear Grylls who teaches Gibson’s character the mystical art of surviving in a hell hole, pickpocketing, avoiding male rape, burning pubic lice off with paraffin.

God, we’d hate to live in Mexico according to Hollywood it’s like one big hot, apocalyptic wasteland and we all know that Hollywood is never wrong.

Double boom boom muthafucka!


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