Seinfeld Actor In Failed Suicide Attempt.

This is a wholly depressing and upsetting story.

Actor Daniel Von Bargen, famous for playing roles such as Commandant Edwin Spangler in Malcolm In The Middle and Mr Kruger in Seinfeld as well as appearing in films Super TroopersBroken ArrowPhiladelphiaA Civil Action and O Brother, Where Art Thou?, is currently fighting for his life in an Ohio hospital after intentionally shooting himself in the head during a failed suicide attempt.

Some soulless prick leaked the official 911 call Daniel made to the authorities to a prominent celebrity gossip website, which you can easily seek out on the Internet. We decided against posting it up on HMS Friday, not because we felt it was too shocking but because we feel these desperate calls for help to authorities by celebrities are of a very private nature and should remain so. That being said we have to be honest and admit that our morbid curiosity got the better of us and we did listen to a portion of the recorded call but turned it off halfway through, simply because it’s the saddest most tragic piece of audio we’ve ever heard.

During the course of the call Daniel openly admits that the reason he shot himself was because he suffers from chronic diabetes and has already had one leg amputated and was due to have  some toes amputated on the other foot, and did not want to submit to another surgery.

We know this really counts for nothing, but get well soon buddy.


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