Toby Young Makes A Twitter Gaff!

Picture from Graham Linehan's Twitter account @Glinner.

Toby Young is a British ‘journalist‘ who wrote the highly successful book How To Lose Friends And Alienate People and is now writing for Rupert Murdoch’s re-launched News Of The World rag; The Sun On Sunday.

He was recently involved in a Twitter spat with comedy writer Graham Linehan, (Father Ted, The IT Crowd), over what exactly is still a little unclear, but during the ping pong match of critical swipes between the two, Young tweeted the following:

@Glinner That murdered girl thing? Check the Guardian story, turned out to be balls. Get off your high horse.

Young was in fact referring to the Milly Dowler case and the accusation that tabloid journalists working for Rupert Murdoch had hacked into her mobile phone while police were still searching for her. Of course instead of using the term ‘that murdered girl thing‘, Young could have used the following abbreviated alternatives:

The Milly Dowler phone thing?

The Milly Dowler phone claim?

The Milly Dowler phone aspect?

But no, instead he opted for ‘that murdered girl thing?’

(via Graham Linehan)


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