That Banned Paddy Power Advert.

Sorted out veterinary style!

Bookmakers Paddy Power have in the past managed to court some controversy regarding their marketing strategies, such as being the only bookmakers to give odds on the first species to be driven to extinction by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and on an assassination of U.S. President Barack Obama. Their television campaigns have also come under scrutiny with one advert currently being investigated by ASA, entitled  “the stallions from the mares” where transgender women were placed in the crowds at the Cheltenham Festival.

But their newest advert, which has been given a blanket ban by all British TV channels, seems to be getting them the most attention. The ‘Chav Tranquilizer‘ advert features a man armed with a tranquilizer gun targeting people with fake tans, fake gold chains, and lager louts as he works his way through the crowds at Cheltenham race course. This advert comes on the back of the riotous behaviour displayed by some punters at Ascot last year during Ladies Day.

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