Leaked Assassin’s Creed 3 Pic May Be Genuine.

(image via Games Radar)

This is the picture which has sent millions of Assassin’s Creed fans into a frothy, nerdy mess. It was leaked online earlier today and features the titular character of the Creed gaming franchise in Native American garb, complete with tomahawk and musket.

This image comes on the back of Internet rumours that the next installment of the series, (Assassin’s Creed 3), will be set in the 1700s, possibly involving the American Revolutionary War and will be located in North America, due to the snowy setting depicted in the picture. If these rumours are true and the leaked picture is genuine then it would seem that the Creed franchise is set for a very ‘revolutionary‘ change…sorry, we just couldn’t resist.

(via Games Radar)

UPDATE: The picture is indeed genuine and the setting. Ubisoft have just released the box art on their Facebook page, which confirms all the Internet rumours.

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