Spielberg Watches Live Oscar Nominations For Jaws Back In 76′.

If you’re into films then this video of amatuer footage, showing a very young Steven Spielberg tuning in to the live announcements of the Oscar nomminations back in 1976, is simply fascinating.

At the time his now infamous film Jaws was in the running for what Spielberg hoped would bag him 11 award nominations, turned out the movie only managed to secure four and in the end won three, missing out on Best Picture to One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, (no shame in that defeat). His hopeful and slightly brash mood which is evident at the beginning of the video soon gives way to what appears to be crushing disappointment. Also featured in the video are actors Joe Spinall, famous for his thug and heavy roles in The Godfather and Rocky movies, and tuxedo t-shirt wearing Frank Pesce, who was in last year’s movie Tower Heist as a prison guard, whose presence is simply to support Spielberg and rally round him when things don’t go according to plan.

According to Media Burn who uploaded this gem the clip is from theĀ full length documentary, “TVTV Goes to the Academy Awards,” made by a group called TVTV, who made groundbreaking documentaries in the 1970s. They have promised to upload the entire documentary on their official site soon.


(via Slashfilm)

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