Community Is At War – Chevy Chase Vs Dan Harmon.

So if you’re a fan of the TV comedy series Community you’ll be devastated to learn that a current feud raging between one of the show’s stars, Chevy Chase, and the creator of the series, Dan Harmon, is starting to effect the programme as a whole.

To cut a very long and very boring story short this war of egos has been simmering for some time but following a walk-out by Chase at the end of season two, over a script disagreement, it reached boiling point when Harmon encouraged the cast and crew of Community to engage in a collective shout of ‘Fuck you Chevy‘ to the actor during the wrap party. This of course¬†incensed Chase as his wife and daughter had accompanied him that evening. In fact he was so angry he left a voicemail, (a portion of which can be listened to HERE), on Harmon’s phone riddled with insults and profanity which the series creator gleefully replayed to crew members.

We’re not taking sides here as both men have a history of being difficult to work with and are rumoured to have planetary sized egos, but if pushed we’d tentatively back Chase, as insulting a man is one thing, but insulting a man in front of his family is another thing entirely. The future of the hit TV series, which has only just returned for a third series has now been thrown into doubt.

(via Warming Glow, Gawker)

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