Russell Brand Addresses Parliamentary Committee On Drug Abuse.

Love him or loathe him you can’t really fault the man’s opinion on how drug addicts should be treated and encouraged to conquer their addictions in society in the future.

Speaking in front of a parliamentary committee on Tuesday, dressed like a mash-up of Jesus Christ and Frank Gallagher from Shameless, he was joined by Chip Somers, an ex-armed robber and former heroin addict who set up the highly successful drug rehab facility Focus 12 which helped Brand get over his own heroin addiction.

Throughout the half hour meeting Brand along with advocating his preference for abstinence based recovery managed to quote Tupac Shakur, continually refer to the committee chairman as ‘Keef’, joked about his 12 arrests and compared the committee to Dads Army.

Of course not everyone found Mr Brand’s appearance as entertaining as we did in fact some people Like Quentin Letts positively hated it and was more concerned about the man’s dress sense than his opinions…but then Letts does scrawl for the Daily Mail. Bless.


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