Abbey Lee Kershaw Announced For Mad Max 4.

Will they? Won’t they? Speculation has been rife over the future of director George Miller’s pet project Mad Max 4: Fury Road.

The last installment of the franchise, (Beyond The Thunderdome), was 25 years ago and for the last ten years Miller has been actively trying to get the green light for the fourth installment which it’s hoped will signal the start of a new trilogy of films with Tom Hardy, (Bronson, The Dark Knight Rises), replacing Mel Gibson as Max Rockatansky.

But now it seems things are actively forging ahead with the announcement that Australian supermodel Abbey Lee Kershaw who, according to website Nerd Bastards, will play:

‘…  a sexy lady in a cage (a welcome addition to any film) who is part of a caravan of sexy lady wives who get chased around by the bad guys.  If the film actually begins shooting, this will be Kershaw’s first big-screen appearance.

Kershaw is now the third name to be confirmed for the film with Charlize Theron filling out the role of a one-armed female warrior and shooting slated for this summer in Namibia.

(via Nerd Bastards)


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