Jericho Is Returning…Sort Of…Maybe.

It’s been four years since Jericho bowed out with it’s second and final season in 2008. The apocalyptic drama which depicted the struggles of a small town community in Kansas in the wake of a nuclear attack on American soil, was canned by TV execs after it’s first season, due to falling ratings. However thanks to a feverish campaign by die hard fans, Jericho was brought back for a second run only for it to fail again in the ratings war and that was pretty much that.

Except for now, as Netflix, the online movie and TV streaming service, have announced they are in preliminary talks with CBS to resurrect the cult TV series. Why? Well Netflix are claiming Jericho is such a firm favourite with their members, who seem to harbour a strange  enthusiasm for the series, that it merits a midnight graveyard robbery and subsequent revival. Although plans to bring Jericho back to the small screen are only in the early stages it gives fans of other redundant dramas hope. How about resurrecting Terriers?


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